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“I believe the government should protect individual freedom and be a platform for justice for all people, not just a client for the rich and powerful.”


As a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer, I have seen firsthand the injustices of government power and abuse.

As a result of my professional experiences fighting the state and federal government, I bring a healthy skepticism to those in positions of authority. I am disgusted with politicians who use hate and fear to collect and keep power.

I believe in progressive policies that will launch Texas into a successful future for all of its residents:

Ending Big Money in Texas Politics

Restore Democracy, Campaign Finance Reform, Reduce Gerry Mandering

Fully Funding Public Education

Increase Teacher Pay, Invest Not Test, Debt Free Public College

Investing in Our Infrastructure

Free Roads and Mass Transportation Not Toll Roads

Local Issue: We Must  Fix 288/518 Traffic and Plan for Projected Growth

Protecting Our Environment

Invest in Technologies that Reduce Global Warming and Oil Dependence

Local Issue: We Must Locate Sources of Local Pollution and

Stop the Shadow Creek Stench

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Mandate Body Cameras, Community Policing, Police Accountability

Higher Wages, Job Security

Equal Work/Equal Pay

 No to TPP and Outsourcing

Support Labor Unions and Paid Leave

Stopping Citizens United 

End Corporate Welfare, Corrupt Politics, Crony Capitalism

Ending Race, Hate and Fear Based Politics

Equal Rights for All Texans Regardless of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Religion

I am opposed to the government’s invasion into our private affairs and will fight to keep the government in its place. I have seen the voracious appetite of the prison industrial complex and am dedicated to reforming our broken criminal justice system and reducing mass incarceration.

I am opposed to Citizens United v. FEC and oppose its application in Texas.  I am pro-labor and believe that the backbone of a successful community is a vibrant middle class.  I am opposed to TPP and any state legislation or agreements that further its reach into Texas.


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